Word Search Puzzle Categories

All word search puzzles are divided into three levels of difficulty. Easy, Medium and Hard.

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Easy Word Searches

The easy level puzzles are created on an 11 x 11 grid. This means that there are eleven letters across and eleven letters up and down for a total of 121 letters in the puzzle. Each word list contains from fourteen to eighteen clue words. Enjoy your free easy puzzles.

Medium Word Searches

The medium level puzzles are on a 17 x 17 size grid. That's 289 letters in the puzzle. There are twenty to thirty-six clues in each word search list. Select this category for our medium level puzzles.

Hard Word Searches

The hard puzzles are a little bit larger than the other two levels. They contain 625 letters and use a 25 x 25 size grid. There are usually around forty clues in the word search list with some of the clues being phrases instead of just a single word. These are the most difficult word search puzzles on this site.