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All of our puzzles can be played online or printed on your printer.
There are no fees, downloads, subscriptions, e-mail requests, etc.
Simply select a level of difficulty and a puzzle link to play or print.
Our puzzles are categorized into three levels of difficulty. The levels are Easy, Medium and Hard.
Each puzzle is based on a particular topic. You are provided with a word list and the solution.


Easy Word Searches

Our easy level puzzles are created on an 11 x 11 grid. This means that there are eleven letters across and eleven letters up and down for a total of 121 letters in the puzzle. The word list contains about fifteen to twenty words. Enjoy your free easy puzzles.


Medium Word Searches

Our medium level puzzles are on a 17 x 17 size grid. That's 289 letters in the puzzle. There are about thirty to forty words in the word search list. Select this category for our medium level puzzles.


Hard Word Searches

The hard puzzles are a little bit larger than the other two levels. They contain 625 letters and use a 25 x 25 size grid. There are usually at least forty words in the word search list. These are our most difficult word search puzzles. More word search puzzles will be added in the future, so check back!


How To Play Our Word Search Puzzles Online

It is very simple to play online. Select a level of difficulty above to go to that category. Then you will see links for all of the puzzles which are available. Select a puzzle link and you will go directly to that particular puzzle. To play, simply hold down your left mouse button to draw. You can circle the words from the given word list or you can cross them out. If you make a mistake or just want to start over, click the button below the puzzle labeled "Refresh Puzzle". The puzzles can also be printed on your printer. See how to print your free word search puzzles below.


How To Print Our Word Search Puzzles

After selecting a level of difficulty and a puzzle link, you will be presented a page containing a word search puzzle. At this point, you can either play the puzzle online or print it on your printer. To play online, please see "How to Play Our Word Search Puzzles Online" above. To print the puzzle, simply click the button labeled "Print This Puzzle" located below the puzzle. A new window will appear with the puzzle ready to print. No items other than the puzzle, the word list and the solution will print. Your printer's dialog box may open also. For best printing results, make sure your printer is in "Portrait" mode. This can be done through your browser's menu by selecting "file" then either "page setup" or "print preview". It can also be done in your printer's dialog box. You may need to turn off or remove the page headers and footers if you have information like page numbers, file names, dates, etc. printing on your puzzle page. This can also be done through your browser's file menu.

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